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Canned lion hunting to stay

Aljazeera – In South Africa, thousands of lions are bred in captivity only to be hunted and killed in enclosed areas, a practice known as “canned” hunting.
Now government efforts to regulate the industry have been overturned by the country’s Supreme Court.

Cuddle a cub

It’s a must-do tourist attraction and every year thousands of people visit facilities where they can hug a cub – South Africa’s latest plaything.
‘We play with them, they keep us amused and we keep them amused.’ And international volunteers are paying a packet to work at lion facilities where they can experience Africa’s king of the beasts one-on-one. Some volunteers believe they are saving lions in the wild by supporting petting parks and lion interaction facilities where some owners claim to be releasing their hand-reared lions back into the wild. Swiss tourist Emily has paid €1700 for a four-week working holiday.