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Cuddle a cub

It’s a must-do tourist attraction and every year thousands of people visit facilities where they can hug a cub – South Africa’s latest plaything.
‘We play with them, they keep us amused and we keep them amused.’ And international volunteers are paying a packet to work at lion facilities where they can experience Africa’s king of the beasts one-on-one. Some volunteers believe they are saving lions in the wild by supporting petting parks and lion interaction facilities where some owners claim to be releasing their hand-reared lions back into the wild. Swiss tourist Emily has paid €1700 for a four-week working holiday.

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  1. As one who has worked as a volunteer at Sanwild I can assure readers that there is no touch and cuddle there. How can you enjoy paying good money to help animals if you can’t toch them you might say. Believe me, if you love animals you will find the joy and experience in being able to help them well worth the cost. Apart from Sanwild I worked as a volunteer at Bambelela another wildlife rehabilitation centre in South Africa. This is run by Silke who has devoted her life to saving vervet monkeys, which are classed as vermin in South Africa.I also worked at the WFFT in Thailand where Edwin the founder of the centre has a strict principle of expressly forbidding volunteers to touch the variety of animals that have been rescued from.all kinds of situations. The joyful memories I have whilst experiencing volunteer work will last forever. I consider my life and thoughts of wildlife were greatly changed for the better with my having a better understanding of the difficulties wildlife has to put up with from the human race.

    January 4, 2014 at 10:14

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