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Zuma’s face sinks lion trade posters

The image of President Jacob Zuma is at the centre of a freedom of expression storm again – but this time it is more than 700 000 internet activists who are offended after the Airports Company of South Africa this week buckled under pressure to remove advertising posters calling on Zuma to stop a burgeoning international trade in lion bones.

The advertising campaign – paid for by the 15 million member strong internet NGO Avaaz – focused on a poster collage of the president’s face with an image of a lion being executed.

Lion Bones Used for Phony Aphrodisiacs

A new ad campaign is underway in South Africa to stop the country’s lion bone trade. Lions are killed so their bones can be used to make fake aphrodisiacs and traditional medicines. The demand for the bones is growing in Asia as tigers become scarce. The campaign’s been launched by Avaaz – a group describing itself as a global web movement, whose name means “voice” in several languages.