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Dereck And Beverly Joubert; Explorers On The Front Lines Of Lion Conservation

How do we save the lions?

A new film from Dereck and Beverly Joubert, National Geographic explorers-in-residence, looks to answer that question, and highlights the complex relationship between man and beast as the number of great cats across Africa dwindles. The feature documentary, called “Game Of Lions,” delves into the challenges facing lions, especially males — although cubs are born in equal male-female ratios, only one in eight male lions reaches adulthood. With poaching, hunting and encroaching humans threatening a growing number of the animals, the film hopes to shed light on the difficulties these lions face.

In addition to producing award-winning films and stunning wildlife photography, the Jouberts have been advocating for the African predators for decades, launching the Big Cats Initiative in partnership with the National Geographic Society to promote conservation efforts on the ground.

The Huffington Post spoke with the Jouberts about their new film and their ongoing fight to save the world’s great cats.

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