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Real-life experiences

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  1. Shortly after a film crew arrived to shoot a film for a wildlife programme, Donga, one of the lions suffered an eye injury after being in a fight with another lion. Andre one of the centres founders called in a vet who arrived early the next morning. Along with the vet, John, Andre and the film crew, I went along to witness the proceedings. After arriving at the enclosure where Donga was isolated, the vet successfully shot Donga with a tranquilliser dart. Once he was safely asleep, we went into the enclosure to watch the vet work on the injured eye. It looked as though the eyeball was hanging out, but the vet explained that it was just a bag of fluid.
    Once he had carefully removed the lump and sewed up the wound, we placed Donga onto a stretcher and then carried him over to a shady tree where we laid him down to recover. As soon as we were all safely outside, the vet gave Donga an injection to bring him round then quickly came out to join us.

    May 1, 2013 at 09:50

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